CNC 101

Learn how to use the CNC router to cut objects, parts or art designed in 2D. This powerful tool is perfect for rapid prototyping and digital fabrication. Learn design, setting up tool paths and how to run a 6090 CNC. In this four hour workshop you will become comfortable with setting up artwork and getting the machine ready to cut on a variety of different materials. You will learn techniques for holding down projects, different cutters and their uses, two sided machining and much, much more.

Laser 101

The Laser 101 workshop teaches you the basics of using the laser cutter in conjunction with Corel Draw. It also gives a brief up to date overview of the different technologies and its uses. By going through each step of laser cutting, participants can start to understand the limits and processes of laser cutting. The end goal of the workshop is to familiarize users with the laser to the level that they can utilize the machine by themselves with little to no assistance.